UCSD School of Medicine
Winter and Spring 2007 Student Teaching Awards

The students of the University of California, San Diego, School of Medicine are pleased to announce that we have selected Drs. John West, Mark Kritchevsky, Brett Meyer, Omid Bakhtar, and Stephen Baird as the five recipients of our Student Award for Outstanding Educators. They have been nominated and selected by students as examples of excellent teaching during the Winter and Spring 2007 quarters.

The Student Award for Outstanding Educators is a newly created student-initiated award, founded with three distinct goals:  (1) to be a quarterly award to acknowledge the outstanding teaching efforts of educators — both guest educators and core course lecturers — in the pre-clinical years, (2) to be based on student-crafted criteria with the facilitation of effective student learning at its core, and (3) to honor a broad range of educators by limiting award recipients to winning only once every two years.

As students, we are impressed by the award recipients' level of preparation, clear communication, availability, vibrant lecture style, comprehensive notes, and dedication to training future physicians. They are an example of teaching at its finest and can serve as an inspiration to all. These educators' achievements will be honored with a plaque to be displayed in the lecture auditoriums.

Please join us in congratulating Drs. John West, Mark Kritchevsky, Brett Meyer, Omid Bakhtar, and Stephen Baird for receiving the Student Award for Outstanding Educators.

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