Dr. Sandra Daley
The Palavra Tree, Inc. Fourth Annual Multi-Cultural Celebration of Life Awards Dinner was held February 9 at the Bayview Baptist Church. Among the awardees on this festive evening was Sandra Daley, M.D. Assistant Dean of Diversity and Community Partnership and Clinical Professor of Pediatrics UCSD Medical School and newly appointed Associate Chancellor and Chief Diversity Officer for UCSD. Three SOM students were the guests of Dr. Maria C. Savoia, Vice Dean of Medical Education and her husband, Dr. Robert W. Steiner, Chief of the Transplant Nephrology program at UCSD. The students on hand to honor Dr. Daley were Emerick Gallego, Jennifer Aguayo, and SunMin Kim. Emerick and Jennifer share thoughts on the event and Dr. Daley:

"It was a great honor and privilege to be in attendance with members of the academic faculty of the UCSD School of Medicine and a number of my medical school peers as we celebrated Dr. Sandra Daley's involvement and selfless work on behalf of San Diego's poorest and medically-underserved communities. Her contributions and many talents were recognized Saturday night by the Palavra Tree Organization at the Fourth Annual Multi-Cultural Celebration of Life Gala. Indeed, it was a celebration of a life dedicated to increasing retention and graduation rates of women and underrepresented minorities in the health professions. She continues to be a force of change in the UCSD School of Medicine community by bringing to fruition programs like the Conditional Acceptance Program, now in its 6th year, and the latest Program in Medical Education-Health Equity (PRIME-HEq). This latest program not only addresses a need for more physicians by increasing our medical school class by 10%, it also provides a path for those involved to pursue careers in medical leadership at the state and national level, providing a voice for those in need. Dr. Daley has touched many lives throughout her years of service. I personally have been blessed to know Dr. Daley for almost 3 years now and, I continue to be amazed and inspired by her dynamic personality and dedication to our community."
~ Emerick

"It was so wonderful to see Dr. Daley being honored for her contributions to the community at The Palavara Tree 4th Annual Multi-cultural Celebration for Life. Dr. Daley has embraced and mentored many students across her various academic outreach programs, and really has impacted their lives in very meaningful ways. And, through the process, she has done this with tremendous dedication and humility. In her acknowledgment speech at this awards ceremony, she stated that she would feel so fulfilled if she knew that she had just impacted the life of one person through her work. She has clearly surpassed this expectation! Now as associate chancellor and chief diversity officer for the entire UCSD community, her work will continue to impact many more via her lifelong commitment to diversity at the student, faculty, and university levels."
~ Jennifer