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Julian Medina - 10/16/02

Julian Medina
Congratulations to Julian Medina ('05)
for winning an FIC Fellowship!

    Congratulations to Julian Medina! He was one of three recipients of this past summer's Friends of the International Center Fellowship. This fellowship program enabled Julian to participate in the Medical Education Cooperation with Cuba Program. The following is a brief synopsis of his experience:

    The opportunity to participate in the Medical Education Cooperation with Cuba (MEDICC) Program was made possible by a generous UCSD Friend’s of the International Center Scholarship. The primary goal of MEDICC is to expose medical students from the United States to the community-based health care system of Cuba, which includes substantial achievements as well as financial hardships.

    As I had expected, the proximity between patients and physicians plays a crucial role in Cuban health. What I did not expect, however, was the clear impact patient education has on the quality of care. As a result of their close personal and professional relationships, patients reached an impressive level of understanding and knowledge with respect to their health care. This education allows them to participate actively in their care and helps to develop a sense of faith, an invaluable asset to the health care professional.

    Cuba has a very strong reputation in the health care field, and as I had expected there were an abundance of extremely well trained health care professionals. What I had not awaited was the influence patient education has on the island’s impressive health care environment.

Well done, Julian!

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