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Linh Vuong

In 1979, just as he was to enter his third year of medical school, Bud Whipple passed away very unexpectedly from Marfan's Syndrome. Ten years later, the Class of 1981 established a scholarship in his name. A selection committee each year looks for a student who, like Bud, has earned the respect of his classmates and faculty after experiencing adversity in his or her life and who has demonstrated an unselfish commitment to others.

Linh Vuong
Congratulations to Linh Vuong ('05) for receiving the Bud Whipple Memorial Scholarship

In January, 2005, Linh Vuong was awarded the Bud Whipple Memorial Scholarship. Linh fled communist Vietnam as a child and experienced many hardships with her family while growing up in Los Angeles. During her undergraduate years, she took a trip to India where she saw the scope of human suffering and dedicated herself to a career in medicine.

While attending UCSD School of Medicine, Linh took an extra year to research with Dr. William Nyhan a metabolic disorder: Lesch-Nyhan disease. At that time she became acquainted with many genetic and metabolic disorders, including Marfan's.

Recently, Linh returned to her native country, Vietnam, for a medical mission. She screened patients for eligibility for corrective surgeries for children with birth defects, participated in primary care interventions, conducted OB/Gyn training seminars and did health screenings in rural schools. Linh is full of energy, and we anticipate her future in Primary Care will be a great benefit to all she serves.

We congratulate Linh on this well-deserved honor and commend her for her outstanding academic achievements!

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