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Kien Vuu

Vuu Kien
KIEN VUU:   Howard Hughes Medical Institute –
National Institutes of Health
(HHMI-NIH) Research Scholar

Kien Vuu (Class of 2006) was selected to spend a year at the National Institutes of Health (Bethesda, MD) through the HHMI-NIH Research Scholars program (http://www.hhmi.org/cloister). This greatly esteemed position of Research Scholar is granted to medical and dental students who desire to pursue a future in academic medicine. Prior to leaving for Bethesda, Kien had taken leadership roles at UCSD as former president of the Class of 2005 and a medical student liaison to the Union of Pacific Asian Communities (a public health organization of San Diego’s Asian Pacific community). At the NIH, Kien’s research focused on interrogating tumor angiogenesis and tracking stem cell migration. His efforts culminated in travel awards, invitations to speak at national conferences, and scientific publications.

For his research accomplishments and potential in academic medicine, Kien was one of a select few who received the very prestigious Continued Support for the Completion of Medical or Dental Studies Award from HHMI —a monetary award of $78,000 over a two-year span—to assist with medical school fees and expenses.

The HHMI-NIH program offers students a variety of unique advantages:

The option to select a preceptor and research project after acceptance to the program.
Access to NIH laboratories and scientists.
Educational enrichment at the NIH.
Collegiality of the student peer group. Research Scholars live at the Cloister, a residential and educational facility on the NIH campus.

Congratulations, Kien, on your research accomplishments while at the NIH and for winning the outstanding monetary award! You make UCSD School of Medicine proud!

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