UCSD School of Medicine
Kaiser Permanente "Excellence in Teaching"
Award Winners for 2007

Kaiser Award Winners 2007

Pictured from left to right:
  Charles Goldberg, MD; Lawrence Hansen, MD;
  David Brenner, MD; Nora Laiken, PhD;
  Lindia Willies-Jacobo, MD; Michelle Johnson, MD.

Winners not pictured:
  Renate Pilz, MD; Yolanda Wong, MD;
  Jeremy Richmon, MD.

It is my pleasure to announce the 2007 winners of the
Kaiser Permanente "Excellence in Teaching" Award

 Charles Goldberg, MD,
   Department of Medicine

 Lawrence Hansen, MD,
   Departments of Pathology and the Neurosciences

 Nora Laiken, PhD
   Departments of Medicine and Pharmacology

 Renate Pilz, MD,
   Department of Medicine

 Lindia Willies-Jacobo, MD,
   Department of Pediatrics

 Michelle Johnson, MD,
   Department of Family and Preventive Medicine

 Jeremy Richmon, MD,
   Department of Medicine

 Yolanda Wong, MD,
   Department of Pediatrics

Congratulations and thank you to the winners for their valuable contributions to teaching.

David Brenner, MD
Vice Chancellor for Health Sciences and
Dean of the School of Medicine

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