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UCSD Gold Humanism Honor Society Founders

Congratulations to our Senior Medical Students

The Arnold P. Gold Foundation has developed the Gold Humanism Honor Society (GHHS) as a part of a national effort to provide a means of formally recognizing medical students, residents, faculty and alumni who demonstrate exemplary behavior that promotes humanism in medicine. Creation of the UCSD GHHS chapter serve to emphasize the importance of humanism and professionalism throughout the continuum of physician training at our institution.

We are pleased to announce the Founding Members of the UCSD Gold Humanism Honor Society (GHHS).

• Amanda Alderson Sandford, MSIV
• Thomas Catron, MSIV
• Miranda (Rizk) Chyo, MSIV
• Ann Folkins, MSIV
• Julie Kiko Gladsjo, MSIV
• Jonah Hulst, MSIV
• Tony Jolly, MSIII
• Mark Koenig, MSIV
• Colin McCreight, MSIV
• Lynn Nisbet, MSIV
• Natalie Rodriguez, MSIV
• Danielle Schindler, MSIV
• Charles Bart Smoot, MSIV

This is truly an honor, as members of the GHHS are chosen because they exemplify the humanistic approach to patient care and can serve as role models for others. Their election means they are seen as the kind of physician their colleagues would choose as their own.

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