Bake Sale to End Violence Against Women
This holiday season was marred with the brutal rape and murder of a young Indian medical student in New Delhi. UCSD AMWA members were outraged by these events and felt it crucial to increase local awareness for this issue while also raising funds to bring an end to such tragedies. AMWA members paired up with UCSD's Ob/Gyn student interest group to host a bake sale which raised $450. Funds were donated to Global Women's Fund and earmarked to India, to advance the rights of women and girls by increasing the resources for and investing in women-led organizations and women's collective leadership for change. UCSD AMWA members are presently working with AMWA National to release a statement reiterating our position against violence against women.

Why Women Still Can't Have It All
Anne-Marie Slaughter's hotly debated Atlantic monthly article was the centerpiece of UCSD AMWA's quarterly mentorship event which was generously co-sponsored by the UCSD Women's Center. The evening began with dinner, then small group discussions and finally a large group discussion with nearly three dozen faculty and students. The group discussed how they define "having it all" and shared numerous personal work-life struggles that they have encountered. The most powerful aspect of the event was the wide array of professional and personal experiences that were represented. Faculty and students discussed the need to have the flexibility to pursue interests outside of work, no matter what that might be. Faculty shared the importance of having time for everything from childrearing to pursuing a career as an artist. The overwhelming sentiment of the evening was that we must all demand the right to have it all; and while this is defined uniquely for each of us, it is critical for all of us.