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Dermatology plays an important role in Pediatrics, where a large portion of patient visits to general clinics is for dermatologic complaints.

This web-based tutorial will hopefully give medical students and Pediatric Interns access to a rapid review of common Pediatric Dermatology. In addition, the resultant database and image library may act as a foundation for a more comprehensive future work. The Pediatric Dermatology Tutorial is intended to be utilized for other educational purposes. Images and text may be downloaded as long as appropriate author credit is given, and they are not used for commercial purposes or financial gain.

This format will allow unprecedented access to slide collections that have taken entire careers to establish. In particular, the slide collection of Dr. Alvin Jacobs, one of the pioneers in Pediatric Dermatology, has been utilized to form the foundation of this project. Other important contributors of slides include: Lawrence F. Eichenfield, M.D., and Ramon Ruiz-Maldonado, M.D., D.T.P.H.

This tutorial is not intended to be a comprehensive textbook. Its value lies almost exclusively in the range of images that it will provide. Unfortunately, due to the constraints of time, the immense size of this project resulted in the omission of many common skin diseases even though some very rare entities are included. It is my hope that future versions will offer a more balanced representation of the most common pediatric skin diseases.

Daniel Hershey
Class of 2001
UC San Diego

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